swimsuit options

  • All options can be customized to any swimsuit style and size, some are an additional charge.


  • Belts are and additional up charge unless it comes with the swimsuit style you order. Girls size 4-7 $4, Girls 8-14 $5, Ladies $7, Women's Plus $9
  • All belt lengths are custom sized according to your suit length
  • Sleeve lengths are listed on our standard size chart

Scarf Belt, gathered at center, attached at side, designed to tie on the side.

Ladies width 5"                Girls Width 3"


Sash Belt, attached at sides, designed to tie in front.

Ladies width 3"                 Girls width 2 1/4"

Seaside belt, attached to top at shirt hem.

Ladies width 6"                    Girls width 4"

Wave Belt, attached at sides, designed to tie in front.

Ladies width 5"                 Girls width 4"

Waist Ties $3 (all sizes)


Split sleeve, $3 up charge.

Standard sleeve

Cap sleeve

Wave ties

Standard ties

Ties are designed to hold your bra straps up while swimming. $3 Additional charge, some styles have ties included

Mini Sleeve 1.5" (all sizes)

Standard sleeveless

additional options

Inside view of custom fitted bra

Bra inserts

Light to moderate support, similar to a shelf bra but with more coverage. Inserts are removable and we recommend you do so when washing your suit. $10 up charge for all sizes.

Soft molded bra cups

Ruched sides, adds a flattering fit $6 up charge for all sizes

Ruched sides, Seaside top

Ruched sides adds a flattering fit for maternity


Suit Saver


Suit Saver is number 1 in the swimwear industry for protecting swimwear fabric by removing 99.9% of harmful chlorine and its odor from swimwear.
Suit SaverT.M. keeps colors bright and keeps fabrics looking new. Suit SaverT.M. is environmentally safe, water based, no nitrates, no phosphates, no perfumes, and no dyes.
$6.75   (does approx. 50 washings)