swimsuit styles

  • Styles are listed below with suit features and base price

  • All styles come with unattached leggings or shorts except Seaside Top

  • Skort features hidden attached shorts which are 1" shorter than the skort length

  • All swimsuits can be customized to your preferred measurements and lengths, see our options, some are additional cost

  • Bodices are lined to the waist for comfort and modesty

  • Our Ladies model is 5' 11" and 135 pounds. Girls model is 4' 5" and 70 pounds

  • Please see our size chart to find your best fit and contact us with any questions 


caribbean waters

A-line dress with seamless waist and leggings.  

Ladies starting at $76

Girls starting at $47


caribbean sport

Seamless waist, slim skirt with side slits and shorts.

Ladies starting at $76

Girls starting at $47



caribbean wave

Billowy dress with a seamless waist, high-low dress hem, unattached sash belt and leggings. Ladies starting at $90 (unavailable for children and girls)

fabric featured : Periwinkle Floral 237


tropical sands

Waistline seam, A-line skirt and leggings. 

Ladies starting at $76

Girls starting at $47

Belt feature is additional cost



Drop waist, fuller skirt, belt loops with removable wave belt, attached wave shoulder ties. Three inch shorter dress length and shorts.

Ladies starting at $86

fabric featured : Royal Floral 258

Girls starting at $54



Tropical wave

Waistline seam, flows nicely over hips

Ladies starting at $78

with circle skirt addition, starting at $52

Girls starting at $49

Infant starting at $49


Coastal sands

Empire waistline seam, skirt flows nicely over hips and tummy, comes with belt.

Ladies starting at $83

Girls starting at $51


Coastal Breeze

10” Bustline Seam, attached skirt free flows over waist and hips, longer sleeves

Starting at $83

Starting at $83

Offered in Ladies only


coastal craze

Drop waist, slimmer skirt, attached sash belt, three inch shorter dress length and shorts. Skirt and shorts come standard in solid coordinating color.

Ladies starting at $83


Girls starting at $51


Hawaiian Paradise

Drop waist, attached sarong side tie skirt. This style pairs well with shorts, leggings or a skort.


Ladies starting at $87 with skort

Ladies starting at $76 with leggings/shorts

Back side view with skort

Girls starting at $47 with leggings



Seaside TOP

This style is very customizable with several options for a great fit. All seaside options are purchased separately. Pictured below are style combinations for inspiration.

Ladies top with attached belt starting at $52

Ladies ruched top and skort set starting at $95

Ladies ruched top and leggings set starting at $80

Ladies top with attached sash and skort set starting at $95

NEW OPTION! Empire waist seam

fabric featured: Kalahari 207

Girls top with attached belt and skort, set starting at $57

Ladies skort starting at $40


Anna Maria

High-neck halter tankini top, ties around neck, bodice comes unlined so the top can be worn as a suit cover up, however if intended for swimming we recommend a bra with this style. we also suggest a tight fit at least in the bust to ensure comfort and security while swimming.

Starting at $36, shown with attached seaside belt and ruched sides

fabric featured: Zebra Static 277


Dress features an empire waist, semi full skirt that dips 4 inches in the front for a growing tummy, attached sash belt and paneled leggings. Seaside and Anna Maria tops can also be worn for maternity, we recommend you choose ruched sides which gives you extra length, stretch and gives a flattering fit. Maternity model is 5' 5" 142 lbs, 7 months pregnant and wearing a standard ladies medium.

Seaside top, ruched sides Starting at $51

Fabric Featured: Oasis 214

Maternity Dress with leggings Starting at $97

fabric featured: Peach Capri 057

Paneled Leggings