Special Edition Fabrics

  • Special Edition fabrics are four-way stretch
  • 80% Nylon 20% Spandex Blend Made in the USA
  • Fabrics are listed with coordinating solid colors
  • Additional cost per suit: Child 4-7 is $3; Girls 8-14 is $8; Ladies XS-XXL is $11; Women's Plus is $15; Maternity Suits are $12. Extra Dress length is $0.35 per inch.

This Months Featured Fabrics

Feather Fantasy 315

steel, navy mallard


Water Pebbles 200          

sapphire, lilac, marine

Fluorescent Polka Dots 316

yellow, neon green, fuchsia, orange, black


Hawaii Blue 201         

 turquoise, sapphire

Tie Dye Sparkle 317

fuchsia, neon green, purple, aqua marine


Geo Purple 202     

purple, black

  Wildflowers 318   mallard, navy, coral, baby blue

Wildflowers 318

mallard, navy, coral, baby blue


Geo Blue 203               

sapphire, black, marine

Electric Wave 204       

royal blue, purple, lipstick, black

North Shore 205          

chocolate, turquoise, marine

Marbled Tye Dye 206       

royal blue, red, sapphire, yellow, glo green

Kalahari 207     

chocolate, sable, black, white

Leopard 208   

sable, chocolate, black

Tropical Foliage 212             

royal blue, neon green

Rainbow Fish Scales 216     

matches all colors!

South Beach 220     

kelly green, black, steel

Multi Tye Dye 224    

yellow, turquoise, lipstick, neon green, glo green

Honolulu Blue 228   

navy, steel

Melon Stripes 232       


Neon Stripes 236     

neon pink, black

Paisley Sea 240     

black, steel, marine

Coral Dots 244         

coral, black

Dreamscape 248       

dark navy, steel

Mosaic Floral 252        

navy, coral, steel

Rainbow Giraffe 256      

purple, geo green, orange neon pink, turquoise

Pink Water Paint 260  

lilac, orange, yellow, purple

Golden Tribal 264

orange, sable, chocolate, black 

Green Kalidescope 268     

mallard, violet, yellow, kelly green, black, steel

Enchanting Paisley 272    


Palm Island 276     

purple, brown, steel, lilac

Floral Galaxy 280   

navy, merlot, lilac, periwinkle, steel

Nautical Navy 284   

red, neon green, navy, white

Sanibel 288    

marine, steel

Trinidad 292       

neon pink, yellow, turquoise, royal blue

Navy Batik 296             

navy, steel   

Sicily Red Tie Dye 300

coral, black

Island Tropics 305     

violet, lipstick, aqua marine, yellow, chocolate, black

Bali 308                 

navy, white, steel

Paradise Tropics 312

sapphire, kelly green, medium pink, blush

White Star Pattern 209   

navy, white

Cool Anaconda 213    

purple, turquoise, yellow

Summer Nights 217     

navy, coral, melon, neon green, turquoise, white

Leopard Sunset 221   

purple, lilac, steel

Black Triangle Abstract 225      

 black, white

Honolulu Green 229     

glo green, hunter green, steel

Blue Lagoon 233    

neon green, royal blue, turquoise

Periwinkle Floral 237  

black, steel

Glo Green Dots 241          

glo green, black, steel

  Royal Dots 245            royal blue, black 

Royal Dots 245         

royal blue, black 

Dark Navy Dots 249      

navy, white

Rainbow Plumes 253   

glo green, orange, peacock, medium pink

Panama 257     

black, white

Charming Cherries 261     

red, glo green, black

Warm Tribal 265     

sable, chocolate, orange

Pink Kaleidoscope 269     

royal blue, mallard, lipstick, black, steel

Water Color 273    

lilac, violet, purple, turquoise, orange

Zebra Static 277             

coral, steel

Caribbean Island 281     

peacock, yellow, moss green, glo green,

Morning Breeze 285     

navy, seafoam, aquamarine

Paisley Butterfly 289       

aquamarine, yellow, lipstick, seafoam

Tabago 293        

glo green, turquoise, orange

Blue Wings 297  

yellow, turquoise, glo green

Sicily Blue Tie Dye 301

peacock, periwinkle, steel, navy

Caribbean Ombre 306   

marine, steel 

Turquoise Stripes 309

black, turquoise

Rainbow Water Paint 313

marine, royal blue, yellow, orange, red, sky blue

Blue Palmetto 210                 

steel,  lilac, black

Wildflower Saturation 214

medium pink, fuchsia, mint, royal blue, purple

Maya 218   

navy, sable

Leopard Wave 222           

black, steel 

Medium Stripes 226    

black, white

Honolulu Red 230       

red, melon, steel

Cool Wilderness 234

peacock, purple, lilac, steel

 Under The Sea 238          

peacock, neon pink, violet, medium pink, steel

Pink & Brown Dots 242     


 Sapphire Dots 246       

sapphire, white, steel

 Dots Galore 250         

black, white

Mimosa 254       

peacock, purple, medium pink, lipstick, black

Royal Floral 258     

royal blue, orange, red, neon pink, lipstick, yellow

Azul 262  

black, white

Bold Tribal 266      

lipstick, chocolate, sable, orange

Electric Hawaiian  270                                   

royal blue, periwinkle, red, sable, chocolate

Purple Aztec 274           

purple, lilac, navy, steel

Caribbean Flavor 278     

 lilac, steel

Koi Pond 282  

turquoise, neon green, orange, yellow

Fuchsia Floral 286   

fuschia, black   

Cool Tide 290   

sapphire, turquoise, steel

Sapphire Paisley 294  

sapphire, black, steel

Butterfly Bright 298 

coral, glo green, yellow, royal blue, lipstick

Sicily Pink Tie Dye 302

blush, steel, grape

Venice 307      

fuschia, steel, black

Sandy Ombre 310           


Tye Dye Splash 314        

purple, royal blue, yellow, lipstick, turquoise

  Pink Palmetto 211                 steel, coral, black

Pink Palmetto 211              

steel, coral, black

Savannah 215     

sable, black, chocolate

Sedona 219       

chocolate, steel, marine, black

Leopard Sky 223          

turquoise, purple, steel

Large Stripes 227  

black, white

Houndstooth Hearts 231    

violet, turquoise, steel, lipstic, neon green

Warm Wilderness 235   

wine, sable, black, steel

Paradise 239   

turquoise, lipstick, purple, black

 Neon Dots 243     

neon pink, black

Mallard Dots 247           

mallard, black, steel

 Classic Dots 251          

black, white

Oasis 255 

aquamarine, mallard, navy

Key West Floral 259      

turquoise, glo green, yellow, black

Sweet Summertime 263

turquoise, purple, lipstick, yellow, neon green

Anemone 267      

turquoise, royal blue, black 

Santa Fe 271        

chocolate, mint, coral

Pacific Rim 275           

navy, sky blue, aquamarine

Tye Dye Brights 279    

neon gree, yellow, neon pink, purple, violet

Palm Island 283    

chocolate, glo green, yellow, purple, aquamarine

Rip Curl 287

seafoam, sapphire, mint, black

Butterfly Garden 291   

royal blue, neon pink, glo green, yellow, lilac

Links 295      

black, white

Moana 299  

violet, seafoam, navy, lilac, periwinkle

Delicate Foliage 304

marine, mallard, black

Caribbean Waters in Sandy Ombre

colors can be reversed top to bottom

Paisley Tropics 311

purple, coral, kelly green, fuchsia, neon pink